Drop is a portable outdoor lamp developed as part of the “Laboratorio di elementi visivi del progetto” course at Politecnico di Milano .
The project consists in the functional reassignment of the characteristic shape of Apostrophe by Alessi, a small kitchen tool for peeling oranges.
Drop is the result of this process: a small, versatile outdoor lamp that, due to its hook shape, can be hung from a wire, a tree branch, or wherever light is needed.


The capacitive soft-touch button for turning on and off the light is directly integrated in the surface leaving no openings for rainwater to penetrate.

The lithium battery pack makes Drop free from any kind of power cable, ensuring maximum portability and flexibility of placement

while the LED bulb provides a soft warm lighting with minimum power consumption


Drop finds its perfect place in gardens and terraces, for lighting a table during an aperitif or for creating an atmospheric setting throughout the space.

Its small size and versatility make it suitable to be used either as a single item or in series along a cable, allowing the creation of light patterns and motifs.

Laboratorio di Elementi visivi del progetto
Politecnico di Milano

Project made with:
Nicolas Arguedas
Maria Colonna
Florinda Aurelia Marchini
Isabella Pianta